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Private Consultation for the Beginner Actor.

- How to get started Acting in New England Right Away -

The website is formatted from 2009,

but the info is current to 2021.

Please Bear with us while we get a makeover!

How to schedule: Call 978-386-5644 or email via contact form.

Cost: $99

Time: 90 minutes

Method: Live over the phone and internet.

Topics Covered: 

- What are the different Casting offices really like in Boston?

- How should I approach them?

- What is Agency Pro? Should I 'activate' my account?

- What good Agents are there in Boston and New England?

- What should I expect from a legitimate agency?

- How good is my headshot and comp card?

- Who are the best headshot photographers in our area?

- How can I make my resume look its best?

- How should my resume look different for New York, or LA?

- What sites are actually useful for online posting?

- What are the best online resources to find jobs?

- What are the best classes to take in Boston?

- At what point should I join which SAG or AFTRA, and how?

- What is 'Financial Core'?

- What are SAG vouchers, and how can I get them?

- What is 'Breakdown Services' and Actors Access?

- How can I optimize my online profile on actors access?

- What type of demo reel should I post and where?

- What role does a manager play?

- Should I try to get a manager?

- what resources are the best for Agent and Casting Listings?

- and much, much moreCall Karl 1- 978-386-5644(9am - 6pm only please)

Testimonial from Private Consult Clients

Adam F.

Karl is someone you want in your corner. Just out of college, I phoned Karl for a consult. He didn’t know anything about me, but he was generous with his time. The next day I knew what steps to take next in order to take my resume and headshot from good to great.

Thanks, -Adam

Stacy G.

I have recently come into acting as an absolute beginner,

and as an adult with no acting credits.

I took a chance and hired Karl for his 90 minute Actor consultation,

and it has been just about the best money I ever spent.

Karl patiently guided me through each step of the way to building a career.

By the end of our session, I had knowledge, an action plan, and homework to do to get started acting!

First, for about an hour, over the phone, he broke down everything in the business from headshots, resume, Casting Offices, Agents, Unions and much more.

Then for another half hour was a Q&A, where I asked him about any questions I had remaining,

We reviewed in great detail, the different Casting offices, classes and Coaches in great detail, and he really took the time to direct me to what was right for my career path and interests.

Karl has had so much experience working in New England, that he seems to know just about every instructor, CD and agent personally. He also knows tons of the actual producers in town who hire us.


1) he has worked for them, and

2) he has interviewed them for his upcoming book.

Hearing him talk about the offices, and each one's style, is like getting to feel more comfortable about approaching those offices for auditions.

He even talked about some of the things that I should avoid like certain scams.

With Karl's help we reviewed photographers, and built up my resume,

so that it was complete, appealing and professional. We also looked at great examples of headshots that were close to my type, and talked about what in those photographs made them so successful, so that I could plan for my own headshot session, and be able to talk with the photographer about exactly what looks I had in mind.

When I soon had job opportunities that came my way, Karl advised me about,

how to talk to the producers ahead of time about the details of compensation,

call time and shoot schedule. That way, when I showed up on set,

I knew what was expected of me, and was fully prepared as a working professional.

We went over some of the terminology that Karl said I was going to hear on set, and sure enough when I heard “rolling, background, back to one, moving on, and check the gate”. I knew just what was going on and what to do.

Karl was very encouraging and patient with all my questions,

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you start your career with a meeting with him.

Karl saved me hours of research, and re-inventing the wheel.

read more about Karl as an actor here...

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