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Before You Go to LA

- A private consultation -

The website is formatted from 2009,

but the info is current to 2018.

Please Bear with us while we get a makeover!

- Call or email for your free initial phone conversation to see if this is right for you.

Karl, 978-386-5644 (2- 8pm EST only please)

- An effective and smart way to prepare for your move to LA.

- Save yourself time, money and effort.

Be prepared before you go!

- Spend the BEST $75, to get ready for LA.

- We will spend a full hour and one half with general information, targeted to your needs and goals.

- -registration at bottom of this page - -

Ready, get set, LA!

Are you considering making a trip or a move to Hollywood?

It is critical that you prepare for your trip ahead of time.

This consultation can save you Months of research and trial by error.

Instead be guided to exactly how to set up what you need, and what to do,

before you even arrive.

This way, you can leave Boston with confidence and excitement.

This private consultation is essential to get you ahead of the curve,

and should be done before you leave New England!

This consultation takes place over the phone and the internet,

at a time convenient to you.

At the end of this consultation,

You will get some current ideas and great advice on:

- locating a place to live, which are the good neighborhoods.

Which areas are close to your auditions? Which are safe? Which are cheaper?

- Learn the 4 must-have online profiles, and how to get them up to speed.

- Learn what type of demo reels and pictures are best suited to each of these sites. Some are heavier on commercials, and some on dramatic projects.

Some are for higher end jobs, and some are more for ultra-low budget, and student films. Some have slots for short clips and others for full demo

reels. Some have only one slot for video and some have multiple.

Learn WHO really uses these online casting sites, and HOW they use them. It is important to know how many photos, is not too many nor too little. What kind of reel should go on each site, comedic, commercial, dramatic, spokesperson, etc.You can get these sites set up and ready to go from Boston!

Then you can even submit to job opportunities to test the waters,

from the comfort of your laptop on the East Coast!

I did it and got called in for quite a few auditions!

- You will learn effective ways to Target the CD's you would like to meet.

There are three websites you should use weekly, to research projects, CD's, and to contact them directly. I have contacted many CD's directly for projects, and been called in for auditions as a result!

- You will learn two great books and tips on how to best Target and approach representation, Which agents are within your range as an actor, and which ones have poor reputations (NOT listed in the books out here, remember there is a lot of politics!). Is it worth while to do a cold mailing? What about postcards? How should I handle an agency referal from a friend? How can i get a referal, and what are the different Tiers of referral?

- What seminars and classes are really useful? For example, some seminar facilities have a set up where you can meet with the CD's on on one, saving you time and energy. You will learn which CD's are really bringing in talent that they meet at workshops.

By the end of this consultation you will know exactly how to:

- Create YOUR personal list of targeted CD's based on your interests and type. Are you focusing on Commercials? Television? Film?

Keep in mind there are over 300 CD's out here! You can't possibly meet them all. You really need to select your personal top 10 or 20 and focus on them.

Sometimes you need a well-sharpened spear and not too wide of a net.

It takes some discipline, not to get too spread out here.

In our consult, you will learn how to effectively target these CD's based on your type, desire, talent and what they are casting.

The CD's you ultimately select should also meet your following requirements.

I will show you exactly how to determine if the CD's are:

- actually casting current multiple projects.

- Truly cast projects with your type.

- Are casting shows or films that hire large numbers of people for the supporting roles, and NOT just a fw actors, or even worse mostly name actors.

- and of course, they must like your work. If they really don't,

then the advice here is just move on.

- As of May, 2010 There are New Laws governing Casting director workshops in California. I'll explain the real ramifications of this law, and how it may effect you. Some Casting directors have stopped giving workshops altogether!

- You will also learn the best way to get the up to date contact info for these CD's.

and learn the best way to find out which projects they are casting, and at which networking studios they will be offering seminars.

- Learn how to get a local LA phone number for FREE! (essential)

Many casting directors will simply NOT call a number outside of 310, 323 and 818. They have told me this right to my face!

- You will learn about the best places to showcase

You will learn what live theater opportunities are like out here, and how to find them. It is better than you might think!

- You will also learn how to Navigate and make the most of the SAG and AFTRA offices in LA. (which are much more complex than Boston). How to change your "Branch". For example, Do you need to pay up your dues first, or do you wait until your first SAG job, and THEN pay the SAG upgrade fee? I asked that question and at first, recieved 3 different answers from the SAG office, but finally found the correct one! It is a big office and hard to see all aspects and answers at once.

- Learn how to join and become involved with the SAG Foundation, CAPS, and the SAG Conservatory.

Other things we will cover:

Photographers, how much should we pay, REALLY?

How can I research and find the best ones.

- Once I get an agent here, will they want me to take new pictures?

- Will I be expected to use their photographer?

What do series regular, recurring, guest star, costar, and 'under 5 really mean? You should know. This is aTV Town.

Agents and CD's always want to know who you are studying with.

So who should you be studying with? I'll provide my personal list, and the one that actors have shared with me for their favorite teachers in town. There are also unfortunately teachers to avoid. Out here in LA some teachers want you to train with them for years! and no offense, but I don't see these actors improving!

Should my LA resume be different than My resume for New York or Boston?

Yes, and I'll show you how.

How Do I get and Agent?

How Do I get a manager?

Which one should I try to get first?

That answer can vary, but we will cover it in detail.

How come managers are acting like agents?

That too is an interesting story.

What percentage do agents and managers take for print, film, TV and Stage?

What should I look for in a contract?

Can I get repped without signing a contract?

What organizations have standard contracts?

If I am Union, can I sign to a non-signatory agent?

What is the TMA? and how can I use them as a resource?

What are the best books to use as resources?

What kind of work might I do for supplementary income?

How can I look for those jobs, or create them, even before I leave home?

What is getting background work in LA like?

Is it really a stigma to do background work?

If I do the workn BG, then should I tell my agent?

Believe me,LA operates very differently than Boston.

Just a few details on Background work in LA:

To get background work, you need to register and PAY the Casting offices.

There are alsospecialized Background work AGENTS, to whom you apply!

and if you are in the Union it can be very difficult to get BG work.

I recently attended my first AUDITION by invitation only for BG work!

I will show you the ropes, resources, do's, don'ts and and details to do background work properly.

About Karl Steudel

Karl Steudel is now in LA, but comes back to Boston regularly for work and auditions, with the goal of being bicoastal. So far in LA, he has worked an U5 on All My Children, been in the top four actors for a callback for a huge National SAG spot. Landed representation across the board (theatrical, commercial, Print, VO) and has even been called in for a speaking role audition at Paramount for Oliver Stone's next project. He also performed in his first equity show at the Stella Adler Theater, which was acclaimed 'The Best Play in LA” by the LA Times.

At this moment, he is a paid singer in a new music production, and he also just co-founded a new comedy troop called 'Butterbits", a collection of actors working together to create comedy and enhance their online presence.

Karl spent about 1 year in preparation from his home in Boston prior to his move to LA. This included many CD seminars in New York (with LA CD's) and doing the 'LA Connection' offered by Actors Connection in New York, where 22 actors meet 22 CD's for a solid week at an LA hotel. And taking Peter Talieri's class (highly reccomended). Even so, he found out so much more once actually moving to LA permanently, that he really needed another 6 months, to properly fine tune his game. You will learn from his 2 years of experience, and indirectly from his network of friends, how to save time and effort.

LA has about a million great things to offer,

but every body has something to sell,

you can lose a lot of money quickly!

It is important to know HOW to focus your efforts effectively.

Call and ask about this great resource,

and schedule a free phone consult to see if this servide is right for you.

978-386-5644 (Noon- 8pm EST only please)

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"Get Ready For LA"

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cancellation / refund policy

- For cancellation greater than 30 days prior to the event, we offer a full refund.

- For cancellation less than 30 days prior to the event, we offer a full credit toward future events.

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