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Announcing My New Book!

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The website is formatted from 2009,

but the info is current to 2018.

Please Bear with us while we get a makeover!

Welcome to New England Actors Network.

We are a Boston-based, networking facility for actors,

specializing in bringing Film and Television Industry guests from

New York and LA. With the goal of introducing us to these Markets.

These are exciting times for Boston, Rhode Island and all of New England. With our recent tax incentives, new studios being built, and about 10 feature films per year, we actors need to be armed with all the information to take advantage of the work, and find the best roles. Many of us are curious about how to expand to LA and New York. Now we can become educated and connected to those markets prior to actually leaving Boston.

Our mission is to provide affordable, effective and convenient networking seminars targeted to the needs of our Boston-area Actors.

Why take the long bus ride to New York, and plane flights to LA,

when we can bring the same New York and LA seminar guests to you!

A recent Quote from Carolyn Pickman of CP Casting:

" The opportunity for Local Actors to be cast in first rate films and TV shows is growing at an exciting level. At C.P. Casting we hire from 10-30 local speaking parts for each project we cast. Local actors are being asked to step into roles that traditionally have been saved for LA and NYC talent who professionally study for years to land these parts. With these jobs, often comes a chance to join SAG or AFTRA. Don't get left behind --- I enthusiastically recommend Peter Kelly's Acting workshop to help you improve and understand your craft."

Carolyn Pickman

C.P. Casting, Inc.

(from her email blast)

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